Update on Nicholas

Update on Nicholas


Thanks to the Uchytil family for sending this update on Nicholas. Karen took a chance on Nicholas when she sprung him from the local shelter. He was so scared and shut down. The shelter staff had to carry him to Karen’s car as he would not walk on a leash. But Karen couldn’t leave him there and vowed to do her best to bring him around. With her love and patience (and Michael the great Great Dane’s help) Nicholas learned to trust people again and found a wonderful home! Bravo Karen!

Here is the update on Nicholas:

“Hey! This is Taylor, Tina’s daughter. We are all so happy to have Nicholas around, he’s so easy! He definitely brightens our life, especially Elliot’s.

We adopted Nicholas a month ago today! We got to know Nicholas to be the sweetest & happiest dog. However, it is all thanks to Karen with Great Dane Rescue of Northern California for her hard work. Karen spent so much time and energy for many months helping Nicholas be less fearful/shy around people. We could not ask for a more perfect dog and friend for our Pug, Elliot.

In addition to growing our family, the adoption process for Nicholas was trouble-free. We were able to spend time with Nicholas before adoption and introduce him to Elliot. We appreciate Karen for her dedication to Great Dane rescues. Her hours spent making sure Nicholas is loved and cared for demonstrates her passion for rescues and their adoption. From the checklist to the instructions on Nicholas’s schedule, Karen left nothing to chance.

Great Dane Rescue of Northern California ensures that every adoption is the perfect fit for the family and pet. No questions or concerns were left unanswered or unattended. Thanks to Karen we were able to bring home the most well-behaved and fun-loving new pet.”

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