Princess Fiona

Princess Fiona

We got this nice update on the cute young brindle girl, Fiona, who was a Private Adoption. Thanks to the Dishno family for providing this shy girl a great home!

“Fiona certainly lives up to her nickname of “Princess Fiona”. We have never seen a dog lay down so properly, she is always crossing her legs as shown in the photo. She also has such a mild temperament outside our house, she is great on walks, meeting new dogs and people. We pass lots of animals (deer, ducks, squirrels, etc.) on our walks and she just looks at them. Inside our house is a different story as she is a such a character. She loves to play with toys and also enjoys a mid-morning nap. Sometimes she does both at the same time (2nd photo). She is such a happy, affectionate dog who always has her tail wagging.

Once again we are so grateful to you for helping us find this sweet, wonderful girl.”

Thank you,

Roberta and Keith

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