Stevie’s Eight Birthday Celebration

Yay!! Stevie is 8 and is a very loved girl. Her parents, Glen and Gayle, sent us this priceless video of Stevie’s celebration. Bodie, their handsome harlequin boy, is also celebrating.

In case anyone doesn’t remember Stevie’s story, she came in as a stray from the Auburn Animal Control. She was dirty, thin, and very shy. We ended up having to amputate her tail due to long standing neglect. We looked at this scraggly black girl and thought we would have a hard time finding her a home. But we lucked out with the Cook family who saw past the physical and adopted her. They took her home and in a short period of time, they find out she is heartworm positive. But being the Cook family, they did not return her but rather went through the heartworm treatment (on their dime no less) and got her through that tough time. Now Stevie is a stunner and is living the life all dogs deserve. Thanks to Glen and Gayle for always keeping in touch and for being good parents to both Stevie and Bodie.

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