Amazing Angie

Another update on a rescued Dane. We love the updates and this video is special! Enjoy!

“This is Marsha Hagler. It’s been a while since I’ve contacted you. You were kind enough to allow me to adopt my amazing Angie on 9-19-2014. I can’t possibly thank you enough, for bringing this amazing dog into my life! In celebration of our upcoming 6th anniversary next month, I thought I would send you an update.

I think I already told you that in January 2015, Angie passed her Canine Good Citizen Test. Well, she has continued to impress everyone she meets with her excellent manners, always being welcomed back to motels, campgrounds and outside cafes.

Angie is wonderful at keeping my property free of squirrels and lizards! She also excels at keeping my mule calm, by leading the way on mountain trails, when I go riding.

I’m sending you a link to a video on Google photos, that shows Angie on a tiny bit of our daily walk/run. It’s just a little over 1.5 minutes; I hope you can watch it. It’s best with the volume up.

Angie runs for the sheer joy of running!”

Forever thankful,


PS: I hope this works; I’m not very good with computers!

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