Caldera (formerly Rosemary) Update

Caldera (formerly Rosemary) Update

Terri and her husband Tim are long time Rescue Dane foster care people and Dane owners. Their most recent girl from us, Caldera, was diagnosed with some bone issues just after adoption. They did not return her (yay!) but rather worked with us to get her through this! Thank you Terri and Tim! Here is what Terri wrote to us about Caldera:

“It’s been a long time since I have updated you all on Caldera AKA Goober. She is overall doing great!

I am heartbroken to report that we lost our Golden Retriever girl Cedar last November, very suddenly, to hemangiosarcoma. We were devastated… still are. It has been hard on Goober, too, since she loved Cedar and she is such a dog’s dog. Goober has been an incredible blessing to us as we grieve Cedar. I can’t thank you enough for allowing her in our lives. She makes me laugh every day. She loves to squeak her rubber chicken (it is LOUD) and to race circles in the living room or through what’s left of the bushes. She is a total goof who likes to smoosh her nose on everything, earning her other common moniker, Smoosh. She has a lot of “oo” nicknames – Goober, Smooshy, Booger, Goose, Palooka, etc.

She’ll be 2 years old at the end of August. Hard to believe it. She’s already starting to grey a little around the chin and muzzle. She is still nervous, and has actually gotten more fearful since Cedar died, especially the last 4 months of stay-at-home. She garnered a lot of confidence from Cedar, more than we knew. Odd since Cedar was timid. We’re working on Goobs at home, but not able to do any real socialization in these crazy times. She has become sporadically fearful in the house – afraid of the BBQ, mostly when it sizzles, and the bathroom (probably because of bath time, which she loathes), and weirdly the minivan. We have no idea why the van, except maybe for cargo noise. She seems noise sensitive. The good news is she is finally showing some food motivation, so we can bribe her a little and try to make lots of good times on the deck. We also leave cookies for her to take off the edge of the tub, and she’s been responding well to that.

Her bowel issues firmed up after a while. I associate it with her heat – after her heat cycle she seemed to be more interested in eating and her overall health seemed to improve. Since she was spayed not terribly long after, it could be the spay that helped, or both. Whatever it was, she is 98# now and no longer painfully thin. She’s shiny and pretty and very popular when we can take her out, which we did a few times before CA shut down again.

Her bones and joints seem perfectly fine. She will get sore if she overdoes it, and she will overdo it when we take her to church to let her play in the Big Sprinklers. For a dog that hates baths, she LOVES to launch her body into the sprinkler jets, and chew the water, and race huge circles. It’s a total riot. Thank you, thank you for this lovely girl.”

Take care,

Terri, Tim & Goober

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