Missy Update

Missy Update

Elaina Hernandez, a long time rescue Dane owner and friend to our group, sent us this message about her new girl Missy:

“So its been 7 months with Missy Mittens. This big headed girl of mine is still working through her separation anxiety when Ricky and I leave. But I have tricks up my sleeve that have helped. Like a car ride with one of her aunties while Ricky and I work on our advanced obedience classes.

Missy is now loving going to daycare with or with out Ricky her hairy brother. She’s. Blossomed and has her days to play with a her friends alone once a week. Advised by our trainer and its helped her anxiety a smidge!

Missy mittens just passed Canine Good Citizen prep class and test!. I’m a proud Momma!

Missy also enjoys patio outside dining these covid 2020 days. She does so well.

She’s awesome with my boyfriends family and the kids! The kids! They love her SO much. Its so fun to to watch them with her.

She’s loving her world here with us now!
She’s still learning and continuing our manners classes and fungility nights. She’s conquered the tunnel and the crawl but the tunnel is her favorite!
She’s super friendly with everyone I’m so not used to that but I’m learning to trust her and she is of me!
Here’s some pics
Hope all is well!
Again thank you for letting me be her new Momma!
Elaina and Missy Mittens

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