Cole and Maddie Update

Cole and Maddie Update

We had two Danes in rescue back in 2015 that had a wonderful connection with each other. Cole was adopted and we planned on Maddie staying with us to help evaluate the future fosters. She did wonderful with the fosters but seemed to lose a bit of her spark after Cole left. After a few months I called Steve and Donna; Cole’s family, and asked if they would like another Dane. Once they knew it was Maddie, they made a road trip to Reno and the two Danes were once again united.

Here’s an update from Steve & Donna.

“Maddie and Cole are doing great. Maddie still can’t stand for for Cole to be out of her site. She still cries if I take Cole for a walk without her. You were absolutely right that those two need to be together.

Today they had there first chance to run on a beach together unleashed. They absolutely loved it. They had so much fun they have been sleeping for hours. Attached is a short video and a few pics.”


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