Whiskey Blue Update

Whiskey Blue Update

Whisky Blue was adopted as a private adoption due to all the shut downs with covid. Maggie was patiently waiting on out adopter’s list and finally won the lotto on this boy. Here’s her update on Whiskey.

“Happy Holidays! Thought I’d update you on our beautiful boy He’s 150 lbs now Whisky had a session with a trainer and he is doing great with sit, down and stay. Still working on the growling but he’s doing better.
He’s having anal gland issues with one infection and is going through a second round of antibiotics. Hoping pumpkin will help add fiber and clear it up. If you have suggestions, let me know.
He loves going to school. Today was the second to last day before winter break. We were twins for the student materials pick up. He was such a good sport and the kids (and parents) loved seeing him! I have no doubt our twin wardrobe will expand! Thank you Karen for being a wonderful matchmaker!

Hope all is well with you. Have a great holiday.”


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