Winchester Update

We received these great photos from Jeanette on her boy Winchester. Here is what she wrote to us:

“Sorry it’s been awhile! Just checking in to say Winchester is doing well!
He had many issues but we got with an excellent trainer and we have been diligent with daily training instilling rules, boundaries and lessons since August. He has gained so much confidence and his anxiety and reactivity is so much better.
He has been quite a handful but is blossoming daily. He is just now realizing that he is home and has a loving family. His discovery of human touch and affectionately is now expected and he loves cuddling. To watch his daily transformations have been rewarding. It has been a long and dedicated journey since August but he is so worth it. His entire demeanor and attitude has changed and he is such a loving goofball.
Here are some pictures of him!
Hope all is well with you! Happy Holidays!”


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