Jasper In His New Home

Jasper In His New Home

Here is a nice update on the gorgeous boy Jasper from his mothers!

“Jasper continues to thrive with us. He is still super into food but we are managing (threat of spray bottles help, sometimes we give him a Kong with peanut butter so he’s distracted when we eat a meal).

We can even walk him to the car for a ride, get the mail, bring in the garbage cans with him out front and he’s happy as a clam to just hang with us out front like that. We are taking baby steps – bringing some small treats on walks to teach him “come” etc.

He sleeps like a champ! He and the cat Dexter still don’t see eye to eye so not sure that will ever resolve itself. He is definitely a good potty boy, no accidents in the house. He scratches at the door when he wants out. It’s funny but he’s really not very interested in other dogs, which is nice. We walk him 2-3 times per day and he likes it. But he likes coming home after a walk and getting a meal! LOL

We can tell he loves us!”

Take care,
Jill & Gloria

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