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Thor – Private Adoption

Here is what Thor’s owner wrote about him.

” My boy’s name is Thor and he did turn 6 this year. He is so loving and grew up with my daughters who
Are 10, 9, and 8 but he has been around kids his whole life. He is great with all ages and even strangers. He loves anyone who is willing to give him love. He is not aggressive at all but we don’t socialize him often because of his size. Everything others dogs are around he gets excited and his size makes them attack him which gets him worked up but he’s never bitten or gotten into any altercations with any other dogs. Just lots of sniffing and barking. He is very spoiled so not very good on the leash so we have always just used soft choke leashes on him. We do have another dog that also grew up with him but it still does not help with the separation anxiety. It’s getting really bad and very hard to watch him suffer. The other dog we have does nothing for him. He is a full time inside dog except for when we leave the house because he is so smart he always opens our freezers and tries to eat people food. He’s too smart for his own good. He is AKC . He’s got the biggest paws and is just majestic in person. He’s is a mostly white with blue eyes. No vision or hearing loss. He’s amazing. He truly is the sweetest thing.”

Thor would benefit from a home with people who do no wok out of the home. With his separation anxiety he wants people around him as often as he can. If interested in this sweet boy, please contact us at [email protected] if you have completed an Aoption Application.

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Both Puppies Found Homes Quickly because of our waitlist!

What cute babies, right? They came in together and since they were too young to be altered, we pulled from our “adopted from us before” wait list.

So far babies doing well and growing. Update photos soon! When we get in youngsters who can’t be altered our only choice is to adopt to families we have worked with before and trust to bring them back to us for altering later on.

Harley and Quinn with their new Mom and Dad!

Harley and Quinn with their new Mom and Dad!

Harley and Quinn’s owner was thrilled that this pair was adopted together, we did not expect this to happen. So everyone is just thankful

Snoopy (now Gladys) is in a new home!

Snoopy (now Gladys) is in a new home!

snoopy (Gladys) was lucky enough to be adopted by Georgia, long time Dane owner who reports Gladys is a dream Great Dane and has settled in well. Thanks to Georgia for making the long drive to add Gladys to her home!

Ravens New Family

Priscilla going home

Onyx with her new family

Daniel With His New Parents

Daniel With His New Parents

Christmas Greeting from Wyatt’s Parents!

Christmas Greeting from Wyatt’s Parents!

This is such a sweet greeting from the Moraes family! I just found it in my spam folder, so I apologize for the late posting. Joe and Kathy went and picked up Wyatt after work one day when I called them to say his owner has an emergency situation and Wyatt was in danger and if he wasn’t moved out of her home, she feared for him. So of course, Joe got off work early and he and Kathy drove to pick up this skinny boy. Lucky for him they did, because of course they kept him! I think if Kathy found a wildebeast on the road who needed help, he would also be living with them!! Her heart knows no bounds.

Warmest of Holiday Regards to all @ Great Dane Rescue of Northern California from the Moraes family 🐶🐱🐱🐱

Joy is what Wyatt is & so much more., Wyatt is looking more beautiful every., love his pink nose pink eye & warmest belly in the west & yes Wyatt is filling out about 145, was 115 at adoption., Healthy happy & loves barking at the TV when watching Animals Unscripted 🥰 🐶

Wyatt is growing more & more everyday heart life filling his journey in in becoming the Dane mentally emotionally strength of heart he was born to be. To come out of his shell a priceless jou & is one we pray all our family furbabes fulfill … He Sleeps by my side at bedtime everyday though sometimes steeling Moms not Dads special soft blanket the covers or my pillow., He brings a smile to our lives everyday., A blessing it is for a family to become a reflection of one anothers heart …. In that regard we are truly blessed in endless ways far too many to express what Danes give & share with their families…. To have found one another fate yes & so much more more so to folks like you to make this dream a reality … Wyatt fulfills our lives completes our family …. And I pray we fulfill his …
Yes we have lost so very much in 2020 as you know. In this journey of life we are faced with such part of life sure., love is too to maybe remind us of just how precious life is.,

A dream come true

In the heart & life Our little boy Wyatt Bleu

We Pray you are faring well, you are included in my prayers.

Our thank you seems too small a word.

With all our hearts ….

Our Beautiful Wyatt Bleu bids you love & affection.,

From our family to yours

Thank you for completing ours ❤️🐾

Much Love from Joseph Kathy Wyatt Bleu our kittys Angel & Noodles & Gingerboy

Roxanne At Christmas